Improving Customer Experience with Digitalisation


Improving Customer Experience with Digitalisation

Digitalisation in the property industry is becoming increasingly popular, as the desire for remote access to management and innovative technologies to maximise value grows.

For years we have been moving towards enhanced mobile usage, intelligent appliances, and video communication.

Be certain with CertOn

CertOn PRO

With CertOn, the paperless document management system, you can bring all important property related documents into one easy-to-access portal using your mobile device without the need to carry and store paperwork. Simply scan the QR code with the CertOn app to view the property and upload documentation and provide assurance to all concerned.

Boyd from CertOn explains, “Using technology to our advantage, we’ve created a simple solution that eliminates an age-old problem (i.e., finding or handing over paper copies of certificates or manuals), in a fast, easy to use award-winning app.”

Paper copies often get lost or damaged and are expensive to replace or update. With CertOn, that problem is fixed. Documents are added instantly to the AWS cloud or on your internal servers with API links and can be accessed from both mobile phone and CertOn’s website portal.

CertOn provide two different services: HUB and PRO. With HUB, the Account Holder can give (or decline) timed access to ‘Installers’ to the documents stored for a day, week, month or forever. With PRO, tenants can view all documentation relevant to them, instantly.

CertOn can centralise work outputs for enhanced understanding of the management and maintenance history of the property. Ideal for tradespeople, homeowners, housing associations, construction, landlords, compliance, and maintenance teams. Individual assets and areas can have QR codes linked to them for anyone to view.

CertOn is easy to set up, with a comprehensive online guide to help.

High Integrity Sentinel Range

We can provide a wide range of products suitable for housing and development applications, including our High Integrity Sentinel Consumer Unit Range which has recently extended to include empty boards, RCCB boards and lockable lids.

Our Sentinel Boards are fully compliant with the 18th edition (where SPD fitted) and have a range of features to make installation easy, with a hinged lid for easy board access and spring retain screws to prevent loss. Making up part of a uniform range with multiple knockouts for added flexibility.


We offer a discount of CertOn with every High Integrity Sentinel Board purchased.

Find Boyd at today and try it for yourself.