How Does It Work?

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How to use CertOn?
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CertOn Pro Features Table

Start by creating a free account on the Public site.

Set up a ‘CertOn User’ Account if you only wish to upload and view your own property documents. You will classed as the ‘Account Holder’ for your property and will only be able to view your own property or properties you create.

If you are using HUB as Multiple Property User, create an ‘CertOn Installer’ Account. ‘Installers’ need to add additional ‘Company’ information and have the ability to request access to other CertOn HUB properties (in the App), when scanning a QR code already assigned to a property.

You will need to validate your account by clicking the Validate your account button, this will send us an email which we will confirm once received.

You can add as many Properties as you like to the system.

You pay £9.99 to have 6 document spaces added to your account. Each space can be used to store an electronic copy of an important document for your property, from electrical certificates, to boiler services, plans & manuals. These can be a PDF or Jpeg file up to 5MB per file.

Mobile App ‘Camera Upload a document’

You can now upload multiple pictures or documents from the camera roll of your device. Up to 10x pictures or documents from your camera roll can be added for ease as 1x document (space) and set Name, Type and Expiry dates quickly on site

Each document has an expiry date so you can be reminded when something important like a boiler service needs doing again.

You can download the App from the iOS or Android App store.