Pricing Table for HUB

CertOn is free to register and create an account.

You will need to validate your account by clicking the Validate your account button, this will send us an email which we will confirm once received.

You can add as many Properties as you like to the system.

You pay £9.99 to have 6 document spaces added to your account. Each space can be used to store an electronic copy of an important document for your property, from electrical certificates, to boiler services, plans & manuals. These can be a PDF or Jpeg file up to 5MB per file.

You can purchase document spaces once you have created your account and added your first property . Click ‘Add a Document’ and you will be guided to the payment section, once payment has been received and processed, the next step will be CertOn will send in the post, a sheet of stickers with 4x unique QR codes on, for you to use in your property.

The unique set of 4 QR codes are all identical, and for 1 property only. These can be attached to the Fuseboard, Boiler or alarm panel and keep a spare for the future. You can have as many document spaces you require for each property, but when you purchase document spaces in sets of 6, we will send a set of 4x Unique QR code stickers for 1 property only.

Our card payments are handled quickly and securely via our payment provider Stripe or your PayPal account.

Note: Any discount Voucher codes only work via Card payments and NOT PayPal.